Your real-time, live video, 

private home school for students in

grades 9-12.



1. Students must have successfully completed all requirements of the student’s last grade level before admittance to CoreHS.

2. Transcripts and/or academic records from the student’s eighth grade school or previous high school must be received by CoreHS prior to official admittance to Core Curriculum High School. Parents must arrange this task and have all information directed to the CoreHS Admissions Office.

3. Any physical or psychological handicap of the student must be disclosed to the CoreHS Admissions Office prior to official acceptance. CoreHS does not have a special education program to properly educate students of special needs.

4. Students are required to obtain their physical education and fine arts credits from other private enrollment organizations, this will be at their own expense.

5. Students are not allowed any more than two absences per semester for major subjects and one class absence for minor class subjects that they are enrolled or they may be suspended from the class without tuition reimbursement

6. Tuition payments to CoreHS must be completed before students are permitted to participate in school classes.

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