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Philosophy and Mission

Core Curriculum High School offers two curriculum  alternatives for students. They are:

STANDARD - This  is a program that allows most students to enter high school and take general course studies needed to graduate and, at their option, enter college, trade school, or the work force.

ADVANCED - For highly-motivated and academically-successful students this is a program that expands a traditional STEM program to include the arts and is currently identified in educational communities as STEAM.

Core Curriculum High School, a Private, Technology-Based Collaborative High School.

A. Replacing the traditional brick and mortar model, provide excellent teachers to students in a variety of locations across the country by offering live online classes (a mix of students from all over the country may be enrolled in the same class; thus allowing students to interact with others from varying backgrounds and environments).

B. Following a traditional daily, weekly, and semester schedule, offer all courses necessary for students to graduate with the appropriate endorsements and courses to get into colleges of their choice.

C. Confer with parents and students to ensure that students are enrolled in the best courses to fit their needs.

D. Promote various settings such as current public high school classrooms, public libraries, and other public buildings as meeting places where small groups of students may take courses and collaborate with other students from around the country (home school students will be able to access courses from home if desired.)

E. Develop parent support groups to enhance learning and ensure students’ active participation.

F. Reduce required testing to include 1-2 yearly achievement tests for the purpose of maintaining the highest possible standards for teaching. Provide SAT/ACT preparation courses on an elective basis.

G. Require students to participate in team sports or other physical development activities such as dance, marching band, etc., at their local high schools. If not available students should privately enroll in other areas of physical fitness such as league baseball, football, or soccer, or century. Students are not engaged in their learning, gymnastics, dance classes, ice skating classes,etc.

H. Encourage students to privately select excellent elective courses such as speech, debate, art, robotics, drama, chorus, orchestra, or concert band. With proof of participation, students enrolled in private lessons in theatre arts, music, fine arts, etc. shall receive elective academic for this requirement.

I. Provide innovation opportunities for students to join a variety of science and technology clubs which will encourage future creativity.

J. For each year, once a week, during class time, all students will participate in group discussions regarding health issues. This includes their sexual awareness, diseases, alcohol and drug abuse, nutrition, and world hunger problems.


A. Students across the country will have access to courses taught by the best teachers in state.

B. Class size will be reduced to ten or less students for optimal learning.

C. Students will be more engaged in their learning because of the use of technology and the ability to collaborate with others in small groups.

D. Students will develop better problem-solving skills and will have greater opportunities for practical experience in subject matter.

E. Flexible scheduling will allow students to take courses at a time best suited to their needs. (Students who must work to help support their families, highly talented students such as actors and athletes with unique schedules).

F. Students will be interacting with students from around the state, thus broadening their horizons and peer groups.

G. The student requirement for a private or public physical education program will help reduce obesity and improve health.

H. Administrators and teacher trainers may observe classes and teaching methods at any time without causing disruption.

I. Teachers will be able to teach from anywhere and will be able to define their schedules based on their needs.

J. Paying teachers $25-30/course hour and allowing them to participate in their company’s growth through profit sharing and stock options will motivate good teachers and significantly reduce costs.

K. Teachers may choose to act as club sponsors, coaches, or tutors to supplement their income. They may also apply for future school leadership positions as Core Curriculum High School advances throughout the country. 

To conclude, the Technology-Based Collaborative High School will become better responsive to the needs of American high school students and become less costly to parents of private school students or to school district taxpayers.

With a classroom size of ten or under, our teacher's goal is to maximize the learning potential of each uniquely talented student.

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