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Job Opportunities

Teachers & Administration - OPEN

Core Curriculum High School is seeking qualified teachers and administrators for a 180 school-days academic year beginning in September 2017. The school is seeking teachers in ALL academic subject disciplines that will teach from their homes small classes of no more than twelve students. First year teachers will be paid $25 per hour or $3,200 per year for each class and enjoy pay increases in subsequent years. Administrators will be paid in accordance with experience. 

Teachers will also participate in profit-sharing and be able to receive stock options in the company. Educators may choose to teach part-time with only one or more class or elect a full-time schedule of five classes. They also may choose to either teach a mid-day or evening schedule. Qualified teachers must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or higher and be state certified.

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Board of Oversees  - CLOSED

New national live online high schools will be created throughout the country. These private schools will be established in conjunction with church and performance organizations. seeks seasoned professional educators to be employed as well paid consultants in order to assist with customizing curriculum for each school established. Throughout the country, these experienced educators shall also act as the school’s Board of Overseers. Minimum: Masters Degree in Education.

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Regional Development Director - OPEN

Because of our low tuition and small class size, we will become our country’s first and largest private live online high school that will rapidly spread across the country. In each metropolitan area, we will select only one regional development director that will appoint 15-20 community account representatives and advance the sales of:

· Student enrollment in Core Curriculum High School
· Co-establishing customized high schools with middle schools, churches, and corporations.

Regional directors will become the sales arm of our company that includes over 100 certified teachers and 25 board members. In anticipation of a national marketing campaign we will select professional individuals that are motivated to introduce our company to school principals, church pastors, and corporate management, and become generously compensated.

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Account Representatives  - Must be first approved by Regional Director

Account representatives for new international virtual high school who will assist regional development directors in sponsoring student informational parties at local Internet cafes and develop leads to increase student enrollment. In local communities the account representative will offer THREE types of programs to help co-establish high schools with church organizations, performing groups, and corporations that relocate families with teenage children. Account representatives will be supported by our professional staff in order to offer a customized curriculum to the institutions they may serve. Account representatives will be compensated by earning a significant commission on students they enroll and schools they help create as the yearly tuition is priced at a low cost of only $7,900 which includes computer and e-textbooks. A minimum of a baccalaureate degree is required and free training will be offered to all accepted representatives.

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E-Textbooks Authors - OPEN

The new national virtual high school seeks authors in all academic subject disciplines who have published their own e-textbooks. Selected authors will be compensated for exclusively distributing their e-textbooks to our projected many thousands of students in a large number of states.

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International Development Directors - OPEN

International development director is needed for the growing market of American high school education in targeted countries. Core Curriculum High School ( is a new virtual live online high school located in Houston, Texas. The school seeks one qualified professional for each country to establish an exclusive joint venture between Core Curriculum High School and an education group or investor in the foreign country. A new corporation will be established that will allow the international development director to market and be compensated for both student enrollment of the existing U.S. academy, and the co-establishment of new private schools with churches, middle schools, and corporations. Core Curriculum High School will focus on the enrollment of ninth grade students seeking to attend an American high school. Students that enroll and complete our ninth grade virtual curriculum shall be allowed to either continue their education as a virtual student in grades 10-12 or be accepted to the school’s brick and mortar high school in the United States. By attending our American high school that costs only $9,950 per year (includes textbooks and computer), foreign students will significantly increase their chances of being accepted by an American university.

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International Development Directors for Colombia- OPEN

International development director for Colombia is needed for this South American country. CoreHS seeks a qualified educator to establish partnerships between Core Curriculum High School and private high schools in Colombia that will develop exchange programs between the students and teachers of both countries. Colombia ninth grade students will attend our U.S. virtual high school and American ninth grade students will attend the Colombian virtual high school that we will establish at no cost. Upon completion of the students’ ninth grade classes they will have the option of continuing their education by virtual communication or attend a brick and mortar high school in each other’s country. Teachers in Colombia will also be able to join the staff of Core Curriculum High School in order to virtually teach American students. By attending our American virtual high school that costs only $9,950 per year (includes textbooks, computer, and fee to participating Colombian high schools), Colombian students will significantly increase their chances of being accepted by an American university. Compensation for this position includes base pay plus commissions. Core Curriculum High School seeks professional candidates with important educational contacts in Colombia that must apply online.

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