CORE Curriculum Programs

Elementary & Middle School Program

Core Curriculum Coaching knows that school administrators are always looking for additional avenues to support and help for students that have academic deficiencies. Teachers and administrators welcome this specialized academic tutoring service.

Are some of the students failing school because:

  • Influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Marriage breakdown
  • Financial stress in the family
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Unknown negative factors

More than ever, today's fast moving society places burdens on families, sometimes resulting in dysfunctional children. Divorce, unemployment, sibling rivalry and other factors create disorder for children at any age thus limiting their academic progress. Because of limited funds and fewer teachers, schools are witnessing the diminished effect of special needs programs that might help students.

Core Curriculum's seven-step approach of one-to-one coaching strengthens each foundation block of learning and includes motivational factors for students to learn. Core Curriculum Coaching understands that school administrators frequently work with families that may need support and help for students that have academic deficiencies. Teachers and administrators are welcome to assist families that need specialized academic tutoring by referring them to our organization. Sometimes it may be possible for parents to receive funds from their local church organizations and other non-profits. Gifted parishioners, in some parishes, donate funds to support academic progress of young men and woman in their congregation.

These donations are tax free and used to support the employment of Core Curriculum coaches that work with families that need our important service. Core Curriculum Coaching welcomes the opportunity to work with public and private middle and high schools. Our program offers one-to-one coaching in two forms; live online tutoring by videoconferencing and direct coaching on location at the student's home. For more information in helping students within your school benefit from a first class intensive program of academic coaching, please call Core Curriculum Coaching at 832-886-2757.

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