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STEM Program

The CORE Educational Team along with specialized STEM teachers located in other school districts throughout the country will customize STEM grant proposals that address the needs of students in targeted districts. Experienced live online CORE instructors from around the country will serve as a cost effective STEM learning team for any grant proposal submitted by educators from anywhere in the United States.

"We want to reward good teachers and stop making excuses for bad ones. And over the next 10 years, with so many baby boomers retiring from our classrooms, we want to prepare 100,000 new teachers in the fields of science and technology and engineering and math." President Obama , State of the Union. Address Feb. 21, 2013

The need for the United States to compete in a world of growing technology will represent the new frontier of education. For many years the basics of K-12 learning has been compromised, leaving American students far below many other country’s testing results. While employment opportunities remain uncertain for the average American, those with engineering and science knowledge stand a far better chance to obtain well-paid career employment if they are able to be productive workers of the technology and manufacturing companies they serve. To accomplish this task, American educators must swiftly adjust their priorities and concentrate on STEM education at the secondary school level in order to prepare students for entry into science and math degree colleges. CORE’s STEM program will help facilitate cost effective STEM implementation for school districts.

Core Curriculum Coaching, Inc. (CORE) is a Texas for profit corporation that utilizes live online education as its primary means to promote grade 3 through 12 private tutoring in all subjects and in most languages. Based in Houston, the company combines an efficiency of scale that embraces both a corporate business management and a proficient educational team that is fully experienced with public school education at the extremes of social economic conditions. Employing corporate strategy needed to bring about measured results, the company’s educational team has created a concentrated semester length “Stem Boot Camp” that will educate identified school district students coming from the low income areas of metropolitan areas of the United States. Combining the philosophies of compensatory education and STEM education the CORE program will retain the finest educators in the field of STEM education that will deliver through live online technology, small class instruction of not larger than six students per class. The CORE STEM areas of instruction will be broken down to three categories in which a teacher will be assigned a class of each category. Separate instruction will be provided for science & technology, and engineering & math. Another life skills area which includes reading and communications will complete 3 hours of class instruction each week for all students. This will take place for 12 weeks.

To coordinate the class activity of the live on line teachers, CORE will retain five “Curriculum Specialist” that will physically come together at a CORE Houston facility. They will coordinate their own development work with CORE live online instructors and help measure the success of student participants. These specialists will provide expertise in their respective area of STEM education and collaborate with each other in order to offer assistance and guidance to live online instructors. Students, having attained success in the CORE STEM Program will also be rewarded by receiving a small gift card after receiving their certification of completion.

Groups of 60 students from a selected high school in a school district will be admitted into the program according to the criteria established by the school district or their administration. The hours and time of STEM education live online education will be established by the school or district depending on student class schedules. The CORE STEM classes will only complement the normal academic activity and requirements of the school district. From each high school of 60 or more participating students, CORE will provide a monthly stipend to the selected STEM coordinator of the high school. That educator shall, at the local level, help coordinate student class schedules and related STEM activity.

The CORE STEM program will be directed by two experienced educators in secondary school education. Dr. Adigia Mbonisi is currently a leader in STEM education at Lee College in Houston and Vice President of Academic Affairs for CORE. Dr. Mbonisi will direct the program and coordinate school district STEM coordinators at the local level. Assisting her will be Dr. Denise Chevalier who is also a well-recognized leader in public school education. As Chief Academic Officer for CORE, Dr. Chevalier will work to establish meaningful dialog with community leaders and help administer effective relationships between CORE and school districts across the country. The CORE educational team leaders will also be supported by the CORE corporate team which will handle all business and financial interest.

To establish a CORE STEM program as described above, the company seeks financial grants that cost less than $2,000 per student. These funds will enable CORE to execute the program anywhere in the country. National CORE franchise owners are encouraged to submit a STEM grant proposal to educational foundations in their territories. With anticipated success, the company believes that in following years the program will become sustained by the school district and advanced through CORE’s effective live online technology.

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