Our Educational Partners

In current and future years, CORE will be working with faculty, staff, and external educational partners to develop and implement premier educational programs that will benefit a diverse student body.

Why? Because the new experience of live online learning will ultimately improve the quality of our tutoring programs if students are prepared.

How? By strengthening the interactive skills and knowledge of program participants, including tutors, teachers, and the parents, will significantly add benefit to their experience when using white boards, file sharing, and small class simultaneous group learning.

As the use of live online learning becomes more prevalent, similar to its predecessors (correspondence courses and online learning), Core Curriculum Coaching will become the number 1 company in the United States. , Encompassing many subjects, the educational programs we create may be tailored for customer needs so as to improve the students we serve. CORE programs include a wide variety of formats such as:

  • - Elementary and Middle School program
  • - High School Program - Home Schooling program
  • - International Program
  • - Fun with language and travel program
  • - STEM program
  • - Church Ministries program
  • - Children Hospital Program

The educational programs that we have established may also become a collaborative effort of school districts and educational representatives that share in the quality values of responsive 21st century education. A listing of our educational partners is listed on your right. Please click in their links to visit their websites.