Rewards Scholarship Program

CORE has developed a customer loyalty program that offer free college scholarships to CORE student customers that have frequently used CORE tutoring services. During the year prior to the date of college admission, CORE will issue college scholarships in the name of the student to colleges or educational institutions that have accepted the student for the ensuing year. The amount of the scholarship shall be issued according to the following rules.

  • • The student must have utilized CORE tutoring services for a minimum of two semesters (24 weeks) per year.
  • • CORE Tutoring must occur a minimum of once a week during each semester.
  • • Students must submit their scholarship application on or before October first of their last year of high school.
  • • Students must have the written permission of their parent or guardian in order to receive a scholarship.

Scholarships will be issued in the following amounts:

Minimum of Two years         $200
Minimum of Three years $350
Minimum of Four years $500
Minimum of Six Years $700
Minimum of Eight Years $1,000


  • At the beginning of their last year in high school, all students that have a minimum of three years of CORE tutoring will have their name submitted for a drawing in which the following prizes will be offered:

    • First Prize - $10,000 Scholarship to the College of their choice.
    • Second Prize - $ 5,000 Scholarship to the College of their choice.
    • Third Prize - $ 3,000 Scholarship to the College of their choice.

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