Core Curriculum Coaching is a for profit corporation. However, to provide tutoring to a designated group of students, you may make a TAX FREE donation to one of our selected IRS 501c3 DONATION SPONSORS. They have agreed to provide our tutoring services to students and receive from us a 10% discount. Each DONATION SPONSOR has also agreed that 80% of the funds donated for student tutoring goes directly to the service we will provide at a discount price. The remaining funds will be used for administrative costs.

If you would like to donate to this important cause dedicated to students in the United States and around the world, please click on the LINK that is provided next to each of our DONATION SPONSORS and earmark any donation that you give "for the benefit of CORE tutoring". Copying us on your donation will help us monitor scholarship activity. In our "Thank You" message we will send the names and/or organization of the students that will receive scholarship benefits from you.

Thank You,
Core Curriculum Coaching Management

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