Our philosophy and process

Many of today‚Äôs educational leaders in the United States have organized education in such a way that students are taught to be good followers. This philosophy diminishes the importance of the individual and, in so doing, reduces the critical impact of motivation and faith. Core Curriculum Coaching operates on the principle that it is best to maximize the strengths of its students thus offering them an avenue to become better than average in whatever they do.

It doesn't make sense to simply plunge into a tutoring program with a new student. There is much to first learn about the student and we do that by having the student complete 7-step Academic Athlete questionnaire. Our Core Curriculum coach interviews both the student and the parent/guardian. This first important step permits the Core Curriculum coach to tailor a remedial program that correlates to the strengths and weaknesses of the student. In addition, the results of the questionnaire permit the Core Curriculum administration to provide the coach additional resources that can best affect positive change in the student. Down the road, this simple test administered again, will reveal student progress that is emerging.