Educational Objectives

Experienced Educators

Experienced educators will schedule individualized sessions, either once or twice per week, with students in grades 3-12 by live online videoconferencing or face-to-face at their parent’s location. The objective will be to improve the student's performance in core curriculum courses they may be currently learning in school or improve deficient areas and achieve academic success as an Academic Athlete.

Core Curriculum coaches will review initial student assessment with both the parents and guardians as well as with the management of Core Curriculum. Utilizing needs assessment programs used across the country, Core Curriculum management will help measure both weekly steps and performance grades to assist instructors and parents to maximize student academic success.

Educational Achievement

Educational achievement is often associated with teachers who can motivate students. Former teachers themselves, Core Curriculum coaches often have worked with student indifference, youthful impatience, or limited attention span, all of which handicap student progress.

Core Curriculum coaches, to the best of their ability, will work with both the parents/guardian and the Academic Athlete in order to inspire and help students recognize the importance of their education. In some cases helping academic athletes to employ their own religious faith or other beliefs provides a unique motivational factor that can bring about positive academic success.

Often the parents can deliver the same uplifting message as the teacher. Coming from a different face and voice of the Core Curriculum coaches, however, the same message may stimulate more interest from the student. For these reasons, Core Curriculum coaches only work one-to-one with students, ensuring 100% attention in delivering meaningful success. Coaches, certified teachers with at least a Bachelor’s degrees, are carefully selected according to their ability to train the complete person and receive weekly informational seminars from Core Curriculum designed to support their educational mission.