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The Board of Directors of the World Air League, LLC. (WAL) and Core Curriculum Coaching, Inc. (CORE) welcome a strategic partnership in organizing the World Sky Race (WSR), an historic race of airships, zeppelins and blimps that advances sustainable energy awareness throughout the world.

The WSR will be the largest man-made event ever seen by the largest number of live spectators in the history of the human race. Having the support of UNESCO and dignitaries from around the world, over a dozen helium airships will depart from Greenwich, England to circumnavigate the planet and conclude their thirty thousand mile race at Versailles, France, in 180 days from start to finish. Identifying the most efficient means of low carbon footprint travel, the first place winner will receive a prize of $5,000,000 (Five Million Dollars).

Using technology as its foundation to deliver low carbon footprint education to K-12 students throughout the world, CORE will actively be involved with school children, educators, and parents at the grassroots level. The CORE educational management will inform students, on a daily basis, of the journey of the air ships and its importance to green energy. As the educational coordinator for
WSR, CORE and its national and international franchise owners will sponsor college scholarships ranging from $500 to $50,000 to students that follow and learn from all segments of the WSR as the competing airships land the selected
WSR Summit Host Sites around the globe.

Both WAL and CORE will work together in order to enjoin corporate sponsors and promote awareness of the world’s most viewed international race. WAL and CORE welcome individuals and supporters of green energy to contact either organization in order to offer assistance.

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Core Press Release

The CEO of Core Curriculum Coaching, Inc., announces the launch of the new company that specializes in live online tutoring by videoconference. Low cost franchises are now available nationwide.

The founders of Core Curriculum Coaching, Inc. (CORE) have introduced what they believe will become the largest educational franchise company in the country. Because of failures in our educational system and the growth of home schooling, the tutoring industry has skyrocketed. CORE’s founder, Leonard Faucher believes that CORE brings to parents a new, efficient, and time-saving tutoring model.

Once the CEO of the International Center for Distance Learning in Boston, Faucher states Today, there is a demand for individualized education that addresses the 21 century student and parents whose complex life style requires a very different approach to traditional classroom education.  Integrating the highest quality live online tutoring by videoconferencing with the lowest cost educational franchise opportunity in the country, CORE will become the standard of quality tutoring throughout the country, Faucher believes.

With a trained staff of state-certified instructors presently located across the nation that are able to teach in many different languages, grade 3-12 students will experience a carefully measured improvement of their skills in math, English, and other subject areas.  

CORE’s plan includes intensive social media marketing of its new service. Interested individuals are welcome to follow the Core Curriculum Coaching LinkedIn and Facebook pages, along with daily Twitter posts at Twitter account Coretutor.  Core encourages support in spreading the news about its valuable program as it very recently became operational.