Franchise Opportunities:



Invitation and Description:

In an exclusive arrangement with Core Curriculum Academy, Inc. (CoreHS), the Home Office franchise owner shall receive $100 per student registered each year in his/her franchise territory for the duration of the virtual school’s existence but not longer than the term of the franchise agreement.

a. Upon the establishment of a Core Curriculum Academy sold to an institution of any kind within the franchise territory, the Home Office Franchisee shall receive 10% of the CoreHS total start-up cost, less any taxes. Please be aware because of state education and tax laws that the administration of a CoreHS may take place at a location other than the state of the franchisee. This shall be determined by the administration of Core Curriculum Academy.

b. The Core Curriculum Coaching franchisee shall be the "Exclusive Tutoring Company" for students attending Core Curriculum Academy (CoreHS) located in the Franchisees territory. The Franchisee shall receive all tutoring fees allotted to franchisees of sales coming from students attending CoreHS who register using the franchisee’s zip code territory.

From your home, or office you will coordinate Live Online tutoring programs in every subject in grades 3 through adult. Our educational team has designed marketing programs to help franchise owners advance important educational activities in their communities. These include:

  • ‣  Home schooling
  • ‣  Public and private schools
  • ‣  Incarceration
  • ‣  Children hospitals
  • ‣  Church Ministers
  • ‣  STEM Education
  • ‣  American College Preparation Initiative

Franchise owners receive 100% of their professional consulting fee for organizing CORE’s special programs (above). At the same time, they receive 20-25% net-profit for every tutoring course purchased by students without having to arrange for teachers, coordinate schedules, or pay for the live online videoconferencing tool. Franchise owners profit from organizing CORE’s well planned educational programs. Franchise owners may also conduct their own “In Person” tutoring and retain 100% of their revenue.

Retain CORE Curriculum Coordinators to market your eight tutoring programs (see Programs and Business Opportunities)

Franchise Cost: One Zip Code

Franchise Marketing System: $2,900
APP, Sales, Marketing: $5,000
Franchise Fee: $10.000
Total: $17,900

Each Zip Code Territory has a population of 25,000 to 35,000 people. Franchise owners may expand their primary territory by purchasing up to three other adjacent zip codes for $1,000 per zip code.

History and Technology of CORE

A Texas “C” Corporation founded in late 2012, the company is a technology based grade 3 through adult tutoring firm that tutors all subjects in most major languages.

The company uses as a live on line tool that permits students to engage with teachers using Internet based videoconferencing with white boarding and file sharing in order to conduct the most effective learning experience that students will enjoy. Live on line will become the future technology replacing many older text based on line learning.

Management Team

The company has two components of its management team. Experienced in business, the corporate team is directed by Len Faucher, a long time business man, educator, professor, and former CEO of the International Center of Distance Learning, Inc.

Its Educational Team is directed by the company’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Denise Chevalier who has extensive administrative experience in public school and college education and currently supervises CORE's many Instructors from around the country. To receive a free Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) from CORE please complete and submit the U.S. Franchise Agreement Form.

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