Market your new business through CORE's successful Social Media Campaign!

CORE Curriculum Coordinators may earn significant compensation by establishing their own CORE Business Opportunity. CORE Instructors will host their own tutoring service and:

  • • Keep 100% of their own tutoring charges for “in person” tutoring.
  • • From being listed on CORE's website ( receive nationwide tutoring and program assignments, and receive $20.00 per hour while working at home via Live Online tutoring.
  • • Earn consulting fees of $90 per hour for helping to market and establish one or more of CORE”s Live online programs including:
  • • Home School, Children’s Hospital, STEM, Elementary & Middle School, High School, College Preparation Initiative, Church Ministry and Incarceration Programs.
  • • Have access to download all program marketing brochures and personalize
  • • Provide subject area tutoring for students participating in CORE programs.
  • • Prepare appropriate scheduling and subject matter tutoring assignments.
  • • Determine technology requirements for live online tutoring.
  • • Prepare detailed financial proposals for grants or funding alternatives.
  • • Core Curriculum Coordinators will receive 10% of the profit (amount less tutor compensation) for each course that is sold during the initial order and subsequent re-orders by their customers. With the goal of building a sizable monthly annuity, CORE Coordinators will derive long-term financial success.
  • • CORE Coordinators may operate their own business either on a part-time or full-time basis.


1. Have an Associate degree or better.
2. Become certified by Tutor Association International ( A four year certification that includes criminal and sex offender clearance, and validates tutor’s college credentials.

a. Price - $68.00 save $10.00 ($58.00) when using the referral code “CORE”.
b. Saves time and money for repeated requests to verify tutor’s integrity.

COST: $100 one- time charge which includes Business Cards, CORE e-mail address, CORE Letterhead, and listing with picture and resume on CORE's Official website. To apply click here. You also may e-mail or call 832-517-2408.